Ang Say Khieng

Ang Say Khieng– Interpersonal relationship With Cambodia

Ang Say Khieng told that in recent years, Cambodia has opened its doors for foreign investors. Recognizing the potential of export markets for Cambodia’s economic growth; we set the objective to be a reliable partner for exporters/importers who want their cargo moved fast and at lower costs.

In light of this, the need for comprehensive trade processing zone becomes more and more visible. ASK & KH have made significant investment in property and have embarked on projects to construct commercial and industrial zone for export and import in Poipet the Cambodia-Thai Border. As part of this project, ASK &  KH will also construct the necessary infrastructure to support the industrial zone such as:

New Toll Roads and Highways in form of BOO (Build, Operate, Own)
New ICD Dry Port/Inland Container Depot
Property Development Investments
IPP (Independent Power Produce)
Water supply systems
The new Toll Roads/Highways which runs from the border of Thailand to Cambodia will ensure the efficient transportation of cargoes – Ang Say Khieng said. The construction of new water supply systems and Power Production Systems (IPP) will supply much needed resources to the Industry Zone.

This new Industrial Zone will have significant economic and social benefits such as reducing poverty by creating jobs for local people and increase tourist movement.


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