Ly Say Khieng – SKL Group

SKL Group Of Companies – Cambodia- Ly Say Khieng

Ly Say Khieng is an enthusiastic, active, generous and successful businessman in Cambodia and has obtained recognition and high appreciation from the Royal Government of Cambodia, local and international community’s because of his charity contributions to education and society as a whole. Tons and tons of rice,and other daily necessities, also construction of a 40-metre bridge in his hometown, are just few of his donations to the people of Cambodia

The SKL Group is a diversified group of companies operating in the Kingdom of Cambodia under the umbrella of Ly Say Khieng (SKL Group Holding Ltd). From its humble beginnings in 1990, the Group has expanded its businesses into key economic sectors of the country, which includes power transmission, inland dry port and warehousing, shipping, transportation and logistics, travel agency and real estate.

As an early and active participant in the development of the nation, the SKL Group has established an enviable track record for reliability and dependability in the services and products that it serves and provides to its multitude of business partners and customers, which includes multinationals and NGOs. The dynamism and pragmatism of the Group is best testified by its pioneering spirit in leading the successful private sector development of the power transmission network, inland dry port and toll roads in the country.

The corporate success of the Group is largely to attributable to its visionary and committed leadership, supported by a pool of dedicated and professional team, in delivering and meeting the expectations of its customers and other stakeholders such as business associates, investors, financiers, local authorities and the Government.

Even as it undertakes its corporate endeavors with vigor and enthusiasm, its strives to maintain its corporate social responsibility by participation in charitable activities, contribution of basic necessities to the poor, donation of rural infrastructure and adherence to environmental safeguards standards. – Ly Say Khieng



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